How cooperatives are leading the way to empowered workers and healthy communities.

Pushing my grocery cart down the aisle, I spot on the fruit counter a dozen plastic bags of bananas labeled “Organic, Equal Exchange.” My heart leaps a little. I’d been thrilled, months earlier, when I found my local grocer carrying bananas—a new product from Equal Exchange—because this employee-owned cooperativeme outside Boston is one of my […]

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The Problem with Civility

Talk about “civility” on the Internet always makes me a little nervous. For a bunch of reasons. First, I generally try to be civil, but I’d hate to see a Net that is always and only civil. Some rowdiness and rudeness is absolutely required. Second, civility as a word feels like it comes from a […]

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New Business Models

After writing several articles on resistance to change, I can not stop thinking about how it is manifested in different areas of society. We recently had the example of taxi drivers in some major European cities protesting against Uber (*). Although there are many more similar situations, such as those hoteliers with lodging exchange models, […]

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Personal data: the new black oil

During my courses of Digital Identity for professionals I clearly marked and extend the need to split both, the professional and personal spheres. Understanding that a person is a unit in itself and cannot be divided, you cannot ignore the need to separate areas: either the personal-professional binomial or binomial off-on line, or whatever. I […]

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How to Deal With Resistance to Change

One of the most baffling and recalcitrant of the problems which business executives face is employee resistance to change. Such resistance may take a number of forms—persistent reduction in output, increase in the number of “quits” and requests for transfer, chronic quarrels, sullen hostility, wildcat or slowdown strikes, and, of course, the expression of a […]

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