… and the winner is: the service!!

Ritz_Abama_00115_GalleryI recently come back from my summer holidays and all my emotions and good memories have been recapped in a small diary; as a result I have always a shelter for taking refuge if bad times appears.

My first intenton was about the place and the landscape, which are enough worthy for Abama, Golf & Spa Resort . But after a few minutes of considering my emotions, I realized about my truly feeling: the feeling of being cared.

I spend a considerably part of my professional life talking about experience, customer experience,  and so on. And I believe in those terms of course. But as emotions, or feelings, or sensations or experinces themselves it is not easy to describe how the customers live them.

This are my second summer-holidays at Abama and what actually matters for me is to be cared: how staff cares of me and my family, the amazing sourprise when they all remember our names and the way the staff deal with our wishes to make them reality.

No matters if it is Flavio or Héctor at the front door, or Elizabeth and Luciana during the breakfast, Cristina at the Front Desk or Gabrielle our vey appreciated maitre at the Beach Club. These are just a few names but the Abama’s proffesional staff is more than these ones. I am sure all of them have a special sense of service, a special sense of what family means and a special sense as a Human Beings.

Thank you very much to all of you that turned our summer-holidays in a dream.


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