Where does the leadership talent lie?

soccer match

Leadership is not only a question of organizations.

We can meet leaders everyday and everywhere but sometimes they are not properly identified.

Last Saturday I find out a real leader in my daily life. He is actually so inspiring to me that I decided to write about him. He is not a superstar, he is not a worldwide organization CEO, but he is refuse collector. Moreover he trains my boyfriend’s kid soccer team. Trainers are often called managers but a great difference between manager and leader exists.

Marc – my boyfriend’s son, 10 years old – and his soccer team were second-to-last classified in last season 2012/13.  The team, with almost the same players, is just the leader this starting season, 2013/14. They remain unbeatable at this moment and every match the score is so amazing as 11-0, 9-1 and so on. Of course, the league has just started and a long way rests. But parents see a great difference in the attitude, game scheme and even maturity of their kids.

What happens during this last summer, which changed the kids? The answer is nothing. The kids remain the same, just three months older than before.

So, I turned my sight and checked the team members. This is a children’s soccer league, made up of small populations around Barcelona: no big names, no soccer stars but just kids between 9 and 11. What was the real agent of change? The trainer. The trainer himself is the differential fact. He took care of the team last September, assuming the very bad result of the past season and he met an unmotivated team.He planned a hard physical train, a different game scheme and communicate what, why and the goals to reach by the kids. When he talks to the parents, he always keeps a humble attitude, answering about daily effort and step-by-step evolution when parents get carried euphoric themselves. And he is right in both: the way he leads the kids and the way he leads the parents.

From my point of view, he presents some of the most leadership valuable qualities: organization, imagination and communication. At the same time, he is confident in his team and always shows a positive attitude.

Tto sum up, these are the main reasons why Marc’s trainer inspired me.

He is a common indivual, with his lights and shadwos but looking for the excellence in his tasks and always trying his best. He shows to all of us how to lead a team.



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