Social media is not the answer

social mediaWe seem to have concerned both social networks ( tools) that we have forgotten what is important is not the platform ( or tool) , but what you get with it. I am not referring to the number of fans, followers or comments that your organization is able to achieve , but to reach the goals that each action of your activity on the social web . The endless work of polishing Social Media does not create worlds apart, not invented or defined , that is something that is still done by the idea, project or business . At the end of the day is marketing through new forms of communication , is the digital transformation processes, strategies , skills and tactics. Drive your project or brand through these aa chasing a clearly defined target channels . Whatever you do , do not ever lose sight of the people , because among other things , the need now . The value that you provide is the value that the world will return . The work they perform every day on social networks will never end , it’s like polishing the floor. Today I try to polish and 5 days, if not continuous polishing, will be dirty and have to start from scratch. There is always a polished result . Transform your business Searching for processing and symbiosis cross strategy, traditional media have not died , PR are tremendously useful for word of mouth , there are still many out there offline media where across the online communication. Use what you do well out there, how such sales, to introduce your customers to the company blog or be manned 24 /7 via Twitter . Confused solution Social media is not the answer you want, believe me. I’ve seen it so many times . Not the solution, the solution in most cases is because not speak well of you on Twitter , nor let your incredible hotel reviews on Trip Advisor . The solution is not that fans of your business page on Facebook to participate more . Not even for you to get more traffic to your website ( although that would help ) . The solution is to deliver the product at my door in less than 24 hours , or why every time I go to your restaurant to receive a fabulous treatment by the staff. That besides the food is out of this world and have that insignificant detail with me, but at the same time so I dialed. Part of the solution is to introduce social media into the overall business strategy and amplify those parts which can be enhanced . Customer service, sales , distribution, logistics or HR . Should you make ads on Facebook ? if that’s your concern , you have more concerns than you imagined. Is it worth being in Pinterest ? who knows . Should you schedule your tweets ? try to do . Is social media ? Solution for my business? definitely not. Is it then a part of the solution? only if you do your work for you.


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