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online-video-games-worlds2I have wanted to write about online games: a market with capacity to grow at a rate of 10% annually over the next 10 years it is worthy of attention.

I recently had the opportunity to attend different sessions about online games and obtain review from expert strategies more common in the world of online gaming marketing and some of the techniques to analyze their behaviour and major malpractice.

To begin, and perhaps most important : Gaming = user experience, “The basis of Gaming is to create the best user experience possible.”


Using a book of Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, “Flow” , to explain the concept . The crux of the “optimal experience ” can be equated to the state of consciousness of the speaker the author of flow, the “flow” .

This flow can be controlled, even provoked. Since everyone has, at some time, an “optimal experience “, is to recognize your features and enhance the feeling of strength.

And how we have the best online experience in a game? What makes us happy? In games, (like at work and in life) , we move forward in “a balance between our abilities and the challenge we face. This is the Flow in online games. In Flow enjoy more!

“If we ask the user to walk the road alone, can we frustrate and lose. To help we have to reduce the challenge. If it’s too easy you can get bored; if it’s too difficult you can be bored as well”.

This is the essence of the current gaming, help to improve the user experience. Why, if the user does not play your game?  no good, isn’t it? “How do we retain users? Keeping in Flow”

The viral loop

“Play anywhere, much as you want, with who you want = mobile , casual, social ” . Are the keys to social mobile gaming.

Mobile enables anyone who wants to play at anytime and anywhere you like. Facebook allows for its part, could play with any of your friends.


Some Analytics Gaming:

One way to analyze acquisition strategy and estimate marketing costs is to calculate the time of product life with Lifetime User and User renewal. Two metrics we can measure with Google Analytics.

We have two very different moments in the life of a product. Coinciding with the release of a game, players play and we have a little time of very high renewal rate. We arrive at direct marketing, investing a lot of money.

When we are on the cusp and the players are more loyal, it’s time to recover the initial investment. You do not need to invest in marketing.


False myths on gaming companies

To end the post, here you are some misconceptions of relevance in the marketing game (but also applicable to all sectors) :

• Not everything is performance marketing (user acquisition). It is true that the acquisition is usually carried most of the cake, but it need not be the most important: “Is not what you do, is why you do it” (Simon Sinek )

Back to the product: it comes to investing in all the analytical techniques to improve the product. “We have a level that is difficult, we make the game better.” In short, invest more in product and less on Marketing.

• Pass the Test & Decide to Test & Learn: Learning about the user and product.

“Sometimes the data deceive us” never miss your instinct.

“Put everything you have into everything you do”: With measurement tools seems that most of the work is done”. And you can spend the time to know what the user wants.”

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