See and talk or write and read : going back to our natural skills

32-mobile-devices-iconsMarc , my boyfriend’s son, 11, recently received its first mobile  at Christmas.

Much is said about the innate ability of youngest generations to use digital devices. But I wonder if it is not rather the reverse process.

Let me explain:

At the dawn of Humanity , man looked – and to develop other senses – and managed to articulate different sounds to achieve different oral communication codes : the word.

Many years later, the man was able to express graphically oral code : writing.

We could simply conclude,  the first abilities were the view and the spoken word. Therefore , would be the most inherent to man nature skills . And then everything else.

Marc also communicates by phone , spends a considerable part of his time watching videos: visual ability , not read, just look and listen.

In addition , he uses the Watsapp but not only for sending written messages and pictures as us, he is used to send mainly voice memos. And here is, the second primitive skills : speaking, not writing.

Then , it would be right to think,  the technological developments  have returned us to the simplicity of our first skills ? Is this the right reason why children find them so easy to use? I think so.

It is evident, the flow of information and the essential improvement in communications  development is quite different from our generations . No doubt about it.
But , in terms of their skills , especially in handling devices , it has certainly  been facilitated by technology, which simplifies its use like never before.


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