Personal data: the new black oil

During my courses of Digital Identity for professionals I clearly marked and extend the need to split both, the professional and personal spheres.

Understanding that a person is a unit in itself and cannot be divided, you cannot ignore the need to separate areas: either the personal-professional binomial or binomial off-on line, or whatever.

I am not thinking only of the image given to third parties or which can be projected but also and perhaps even more, the right to privacy and the privacy that we choose ourselves.

Much has been said – for a few days only, of course – about the right to oblivion following the judgment against Google. And for me it is a consequence or evolution of the right to privacy. In my opinion the day is coming when all these issues will be included in our “digital will” or “latest digital wills”.

But back to the right to privacy, yes I consider more than important to become aware of the situation and treatment of our data in the online environment. We are facing download apps supposed to be free taking our data for use and / or trading it, websites that one way or another asking you to make a login through a social network – usually Facebook or Linkedin – social wifi and countless examples in addition to these ones. Not forgetting, of course,  the cookies that every web warn us about now.


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